4 Unexpected Areas Where Body Hair Can Grow

Many people like to be proactive about hair growth on their legs, underarms, and bikini areas. Women with a history of female facial hair growth know that, from a young age, they have options such as facial depilation or shaving to make hair removal a regular part of their beauty and maintenance rituals. However, body hair has a way of springing up in even more less-expected and less-discussed places, sometimes seemingly overnight. Did you know your follicles are capable of sprouting a surprise hair or two (or more) in the following areas?

1. Yes, your finger and toe knuckles can get hairy

Plenty of men and women notice small tufts of hair growing on the surface of their fingers or toes. Whether the hair is dark or light, in undesired quantities, it can be distracting and embarrassing.

Thankfully, these areas are typically easy to maintain with waxing or sugaring. Even if you shave your underarms and legs, longer-term removal of finger and toe hair can result in a smoother appearance and less risk of highly visible stubble.

2. Coarse hair on birthmarks and moles

A prominent birthmark or mole can sometimes present its own confidence battle for its bearer. While many learn to love these unique marks that can be beautiful in their own way, few love the hair that may accompany them.

Depending on your skin and hair type, as well as the shade and nature of the birthmark or mole, the hair growing from it could be heavy and dark, fine and light, or even a single, coarse hair sprouting from the center or side of the mole. Unless there is a sensitivity issue, these hairs can be quickly and easily removed with waxing or sugaring and maintained with simple tweezing.

3. Hard-to-remove ear hair

Ear hair, which can grow incredibly long on some people, can be unsightly if it reaches a length where it exits the ear canal. Unfortunately, these hairs are typically hard to reach with topical hair removal methods, and the tricky placement of their follicles makes permanent hair removal, like laser removal or electrolysis, challenging and unlikely. For these stubborn hairs, manually trimming or shaving are probably your best options. The same rule of thumb usually applies to unruly nose hairs.

4. Like it or not, chest hair can happen to anyone

It may or may not surprise you, but many women grow hair in the upper and lower neck and décolletage area at some point during their lives, whether it’s a mild one-time occurrence or a regular struggle. Location, quantity, shade, and coarseness all vary based on individual factors such as overall skin and hair type. Regardless of whether the hair is light or dark in color, it can often be distracting or undesirable to the woman herself. For most, the easiest, most low-maintenance option is to schedule regular sugaring or waxing appointments to keep the affected area stubble free.

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