5 Ways to Detoxify Your Complexion This Holiday Season

The holidays are notorious for irregular, and often unhealthy, eating habits. Our normal schedules are interrupted, and the season is filled with heavy dinners and rich sweets. While it may not seem like a big deal to indulge during this time of year, a consistently poor diet lacking in key nutrients can have negative effects on your body — and especially on your skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re taking care of yours. Your body will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself when your holiday photos turn out blemish-free. Here are five steps you can utilize to detoxify your complexion this holiday season.

1. Start from the inside

The appearance of your complexion is a reflection of what you’re putting into your body — and of what you’re leaving out. Limit your exposure to toxins such as cigarette smoke and moderate your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, as all of these can trigger blemishes and dull skin. Instead, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day day. Start by drinking a tall glass of water when you first wake up to invigorate your senses and kickstart circulation and digestion. Investing in a water filter can help purify the flavor of your water and limit excess chlorine intake.

2. Go natural

This applies to both the foods you put into your body and the products you put onto your skin. Steer clear of items with an abundance of synthetic chemicals and toxins or pesticides and herbicides. Take care to avoid the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables when possible, and instead opt for their organic counterparts. Similarly, skincare products made with organic and natural ingredients can help you maintain a pure and clear system.

3. Stay balanced

Nutritional gaps can cause acne breakouts, and this becomes especially relevant during the holiday season. It can be difficult to get your recommended 5-7 daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables when you’re filling up on frosted cookies and roast meats. Talk to a trusted health professional about adding vitamin supplements to your diet to help ensure you’re getting the nutrients your body requires.

4. Treat yourself

There’s a reason home facials don’t quite compare to the feeling of a professional spa treatment: estheticians are experts! The holidays are the perfect time for a little extra self-love. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of relaxation and beautiful skin! We’re proud to offer several facial options to meet many unique needs.

5. Be patient

As with many things, your complexion may flare up before it calms down. Immediate results are great, but remember: healthy skin is a process, and if you overload or overwhelm your skin all at once, you may actually do more harm than good. With a solid foundation, you’ll slowly but surely be on your way to a glowing complexion.

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