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4 Seasonal Skin-Saving Tips

Happy fall from all of us at Wax Sabbath! After you’ve spent a few hours romping through piles of crunchy leaves, it’s time to crack down on your seasonal skincare routine. As the days grow shorter, the weather grows colder, windier, and rainier… and your skin may protest with dry and painful side effects. Here’s how to help it keep its cool. 1. Moisturize,...

The Benefits of Facial Steaming

If you’ve ever treated yourself to a professional facial, you’ve likely received some form of steam treatment. Steaming is a spa appointment mainstay for many reasons, beyond the tendency to emerge with a radiant, glowing complexion. Here are just a few reasons why Wax Sabbath includes towel steaming with every standard 1-hour facial package. 1. Boosts hydration As you might expect, a dose...