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The Summertime Beauty Hack Everyone Needs

Summer is the most important time to look your best. You can’t hide under coats or sweater, the lighting is always bright, and there are more pictures being taken than ever. Everyone wants a little summer loving, whether from a brand new cutie you might meet on vacation or your partner of many years, and you want to make a good impression whenever...

Time to Get a Facial!

When you think of pampering and luxury services, massages, mani/pedis and facials are at the top of almost every woman’s list. Sure, a facial is a relaxing spa experience, but it’s so much more… Regular facials will work wonders toward keeping your skin healthy, clear of blemishes, and glowingly beautiful! The following are the top reasons why it’s time to More

Hair Removal for Athletes: Not Just For Looks

If you’ve ever wondered why athletes always look so smooth, it’s not because people just naturally lose hair as they gain muscle. Athletes are primary customers of waxing and sugaring services, at levels from the amateur to the professional! Who Goes Hairless? Lots of people! The classic example is, of course, swimmers, who typically have almost no body hair in order to make...