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The Great Manscape Debate: Why Men Should Wax or Sugar

We’re sick of the stigma surrounding spa visits for men—everyone has skin care needs, and at Wax Sabbath we’re happy to help people of both genders remove unwanted body hair and achieve the feeling and appearance they desire. It’s 2015—if you want a smooth back, man up, and get yourself into the aesthetician’s chair! There are loads of reasons guys come into Wax Sabbath for waxing...

5 Reasons to Wax through the Winter

… Or sugar! Whether you prefer waxing or sugaring, the end of summer is no reason to stop your hair-removal routine!

Many women consider bathing suit season the highest-priority for waxing because so much of the world is seeing so much of their body, but regular summer waxers shouldn’t stop when the summer sun does. And if you’ve never tried waxing,...


What’s a Decolette?

If you’ve looked at our skin care page, you might have noticed that we offer decolette services. Unfortunately, many of our clients aren’t sure what that means! We’d like to shed a little light on the decolette, and tell you why we’ve made it a focal part of our facials.

“Decolette” is the adjectival form of décolletage, a French word for the...