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  • 4 Seasonal Skin-Saving Tips

    Happy fall from all of us at Wax Sabbath! After you’ve spent a few hours romping through piles of crunchy leaves, it’s time to crack down on your seasonal skincare routine. As the days grow shorter, the weather grows colder, windier, and rainier… and your...

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Wax Sabbath is an eco-conscious waxing, sugaring, and skin care spa with convenient locations in historic Georgetown and the University District. We offer high quality hair removal and skin care services, and carry healthier choices of waxing aftercare and skin care products.

Through our business practices and adherence to environmental laws, we strive to lessen our impact on the earth, lessen the amount of toxins we surround ourselves with, and promote good health and better quality of living.

Our clients love Wax Sabbath’s holistic alternative methods over other wax spas.

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